One Hand TouchPad For Disabled

According to the CDC more than 800,000 people have a stroke in the United States alone each year. Many of these strokes leave their victims with impaired motor coordination and even the loss of control of limbs/sides of the body. Strokes are just one of the many causes impairment/loss of control in arms. Something that most non-afflicted smartphone users take for granted is their ability to make use of the most powerful tool invented to man. The smartphone, our supercomputers always by our side. Actions that are done with the use of multiple hands (ex. holding and zooming in on a phone) simply aren't possible with the use of a smartphone. Even more inconveniently, phones keep getting bigger and bigger, becoming even less and less accommodating to people with limited arm coordination. Until now there simply hasn't been any solid attempts, through software or hardware, to bring a smooth smartphone experience to people who don't have the luxury of operating one with both hands. There have been experimental attempts with experience, eye-tracking software and apps that tried to replicate phone commands, but these just haven't done their job well.

The TouchPad seeks to provide a smooth smartphone experience for people with problems operating their smartphones with one hand. The TouchPad case is just that, it's a slim case that goes on your phone that allows you to give inputs to your phone through touch. Most of the case is touch sensitive and will respond to your fingers. You can tap your hand for different commands and switch through different usage modes that aim to make operating your smartphone as convenient as possible.

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Next Generation of Touch Gesture Control

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Why use two hands when you just need one!