One hand Touchpad For Productivity

When it comes to productivity, more equipment is usually better. The second monitor on your computer means that you can look at more than one thing at once and you have more screen space to work with. A computer or phone with more speed (better CPU) means that you don’t have to wait as long for applications to load. These are generally good for productivity. Even phones have been getting bigger and bigger, giving you more room to do what you want. But what if you could double your phone's operational space without increasing the size of your phone? This is where OneHandTouch comes in.

The OneHandTouch is a case that doubles the interactive real estate of your phone. Essentially, you can interact with your phone through the back of your case! Need to scroll down a long document? Use the scroll wheel feature! Need to reach something in an upper corner of your screen? You can cover more distance with the finger on the back of your phone than with your thumbs. Using your phone over a laptop or computer no longer has to be an inconvenience, now there is almost no disparity of productivity. You might find that you're even a better phone operator than you are at using a computer/laptop thanks to the help of the OneHandTouch.

You may find that as you use OneHandTouch, you come up with new innovative ways to interact with your phone. You might find certain combinations of interacting with the screen and interacting with the case yields faster results for you, and with our very compatible and open-ended software, we can help you improve your productivity through our different interaction modes.

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Next Generation of Touch Gesture Control

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Why use two hands when you just need one!