One hand TouchPad For Health

What is the biggest carrier of bacteria in your house? Some people might say that doorknobs are the worst in that regard. Other might say that the bathroom. There is potential for even your keyboard and mouse to be the biggest spreaders of bacteria. What you may not have considered is that something in your very own pocket might be the biggest spreader of bacteria and why you got that cold recently. Odds are you use your phone after touching a doorknob, after or while using a computer, and while in the bathroom. This means all the bacteria in your house can also be found on your phone. But it doesn't just stop at your house. You take your phone outside where it accumulates bacteria. You never realized you were playing PokemonGo, just with potentially harmful bacteria rather than Pokemon.

We get the point, phones are dirty, but what if they didn't have to be? One Hand Touch can help you there. One Hand Touch is a case that goes around your phone. Now, regular cases and screen protectors will keep your actual phone clean, but still transport bacteria just as well. What One Hand Touch does is unique. One Hand Touch allows you to interact with your phone without having to even make contact with the screen. Got greasy hands? Depending on the model that you buy you can either press a simple button on the back of your phone, drag your hand, or scroll the scroll wheel (with the back of your hand for maximum sanitation) to execute commands. Not only is it harder to get your case dirty than it is to get glass dirty if you do manage to get the One Hand Touch case dirty it is much easier and safer to clean that than to clean your actual phone. Essentially you have a second touchscreen you can use when your hands aren't as clean as you're comfortable with, except this one is removable and easily cleanable.

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Why use two hands when you just need one!