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Applications and usages

ONE-HAND-TOUCH For Specific Applications:

Due to the nature of the product that eliminates the frequent need of touching screen for the user in order to interact with his/her smartphone and tablet, One hand Touch can adopt to certain applications and make it even easier for users to interact with specific applications.

One Hand Touch For Instagram:

By using One hand Touch, Instagram users can enjoy scrolling photos and posts on Instagram with a slight movement of a finger on the back of their smartphones. 
Users can also double-tap anywhere on the back of their phones to like their favorite posts.

One Hand Touch For Reading eBooks:

One hand Touch users can swipe book pages simply by sliding a finger on the back of their phones to either left or right.

One Hand Touch For Taking Selfies:

Taking Selfies can never be easier with One hand Touch. Users can just point the front camera of their phones at themselves with only one hand and tap back of their phone with the same hand to take a Selfie. No need to hold their other hand up and press anything on the screen. Instant Selfies are possible with only one hand using One hand Touch.

One Hand Touch For Making Calls:

Whether a user’s phone is turned off or he’s in the middle of a game or app, he can make a simple gesture by his finger on the back of his phone to either accept or reject a call.

 One hand Touch For Playing Games:

The user can play games with his smartphone without having to touch the screen. He can even turn his phone’s orientation into the horizontal (landscape) mode and play a game — such as driving a car using both of his hands, again no screen touch. i.e. his right-hand finger can accelerate a car while his left-hand finger decelerates it.
In portrait mode games, users can enjoy touching back of the phone to interact with the game environment, as if they are touching the screen.

One hand Touch For Listening To Music / Watching Movies:

Fast-Forwarding music, changing tracks, sliding a movie forward or backward will never require a finger on screen anymore with One hand Touch. Users can enjoy certain taps and touch to interact with music and movies.

One Hand Touch For YouTube:

YouTube addicts can enable voice search by a simple double-tap on the back of their phones, scroll search results, slide moves forward and backward, thumb up or down a video and do more by only one hand, one finger, no requirement to touch anywhere on the screen.

One hand Touch For Surfing Safari — and other web browsers:

Web-browsing means a lot of scrolling. This could never be easier with One hand Touch. Users will not need to hire their second hand to scroll pages up and down. They will just have to slide their finger up and down on the back of their smartphones to surf web pages.

One Hand Touch For Presentation:

When someone wants to present something on big-screen and projection via his/her smartphone, he might want to point a laser pointer or indicator with his other hand to show what exactly he’s talking about to audience. He can go forward with his presentation using only his phone in his hand and have his other hand free.

One Hand Touch For Disabled:

People with disabilities, particular people with one hand have difficulties working with their smartphones and tablets. One hand Touch ensures they can easily use their devices without disturbance.