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Project One Hand Touch


The goal is to produce a slim, smooth wear-resistant touch-sensitive glass surface to attach to the back of the iPhones and iPads in order to allow users interact with iDevice apps and interface without touching the screen, by using finger gestures, taps, and slides.
What Does It Address?
Since the early iPhones and then iPads which defined how future smartphones and tablets would be, the only common way of interacting with these devices is by touching their screens using our fingers. In many cases, reading an article requires the user to bring his hand up and touch the screen of his iDevice several times, from seconds to seconds, to scroll the article up or down.
Many of us may simply prefer keeping our hands down or on the back of our smartphone or tablet and not having to move it up several times a minute to work with the device. Eye-tracking techniques cannot afford to meet this demand, simply because they are not advanced enough to function under different light conditions and they are expensive.
One hand Touch is going to solve the problem. Attach it to the back of your iPhone and enjoy a new touch-sensitive surface and whole new ways to interact with your phone without raising your hands.

How Does It Work?

One hand Touch is actually a cover for your iPhone and iPad. You attach it to your device just like you cover your iPhone with Apple’s original cases. It’s not thick and it doesn’t feel if you have it on iPhone’s back. It’s only less than 3 mm thick and weighs the same as an ordinary iPhone cover made by Apple.
Almost all of the surface of the cover is touch sensitive. When you hold an iPhone with your hand, one of your fingers — whichever you like — can control your iPhone by tapping and sliding on the surface of the cover, while your other fingers rest comfortably on the cover.
One hand Touch is made of a sensitive wear-resistant layer of glass with touch sensors beneath. One hand Touch doesn’t require you to plug a cable to your device, instead, it asks you to install a small application on your iPhone. It connects quickly via Bluetooth® just once and works forever.


Reading & Web Surfing Experience With One hand Touch.

Surfing web and reading has never been easier on your device with One hand Touch. On Safari or any other web browser, you can scroll any page by one of your fingers — i.e. your Index finger up or down left or right on the back of your phone. These are some the gestures supported by One hand Touch:
Scrolling: If you hold your phone in your right hand, your right-hand index finger can gently slide down on the back of the phone to scroll the text down.
Zooming In/Out:
You can simply double-tap on the back of your phone to smart zoom on a piece of text, image or any content.
Changing Book Pages:
Swiping back of the phone to left and right can simply change pages of a book on iBooks and similar applications.

Gaming Experience With One hand Touch.

It has never been more pleasant and enjoyable to play on your smartphone or tablet with One hand Touch.
It’s time to rotate your iPhone to landscape mode, hold it with your both hands and enjoy unparalleled controls with the One hand Touch.
All your fingers on the back of your iPhone turn into awesome game controllers. Take control of wheels of a car by touching left and right side of the back of your phone. Boost your car with Nitro by just swiping one of your fingers up quickly. One hand Touch is Multi-touch, so you can play all sorts of games using One hand Touch. Every kind of game that hires one or more fingers, one-handed or both-handed gameplay is supported. Throw Angry Birds over bad piggies, play Pinball games, play Arcades, race cars, or play shooter games comfortably while your phone or tablet rests in your hands. No need to touch the screen. No need to keep your hand up for a long time. Fully control the game by one or both hands, one or more fingers and experience the best of gaming.

Watching Movies. Listening To Music.

You can slide the movie tracker, go forward in music, double-tap to change tracks even when the iPhone is inside your pocket on a walk or run, and you can do a lot more with One hand Touch. All you need is to use it as your iPhone cover.

One hand Touch is compatible with almost any application,

Because in every application where you need to touch the screen, you can touch back of your phone or tablet instead. It supports as many touching gestures as iPhone has. It supports multi-touch, at the same time you can rest your fingers anywhere on it while tapping sliding or swiping back of your phone with your other fingers.
Whether you’re reading a book, surfing web pages, playing games, chatting or even watching movies, One hand Touch gives your phone and tablet whole new dimensions.


What Is It Made Of?

Essentially, One hand Touch should be made of durable, high-quality material that feels quite comfortable in hand and pocket. Therefore, the selected material for One hand Touch is wear-resistant, very thin layer of glass that feels just the same as the back of any iPhone.
The surface glass is a composition of Transparent Electrodes, Insulator, and wear- resistant Glass.
.When the user touches the surface of One hand Touch, the pressure imposed on the glass is measured by electrodes and translated into coordination data. The data is then transmitted to the iPhone application that’s running in the background via Bluetooth® connection, and the application executes simultaneous commands on iOS for functioning.
The Bluetooth is programmed to disconnect and turn off when the cover is detached from the iPhone, and vice-versa.
There’s a little battery placed at the lower end section of the cover that gets magnetically charged when you put the iPhone or the detached One hand Touch on a plastic surface specifically designed to charge the cover. One hand Touch gets charged very quickly and holds battery for up to 72 hours. It is programmed to recognize